You're getting married!
How exciting! What was the proposal like? Bet your ring is gorgeous! Have you picked your dress yet?
I can't wait to hear all about it so we can start planning capturing your day! We get all those personal little details that make your wedding the best one ever and make you a movie with so much more... Other companies will show off with their highlight sequences but the rest will just be the ceremeony, speeches and first dance. Not with us! We create a full movie of the day with all the big bits 'sewn together' with music videos of bridal prepartions, guests mingling, photo shoots etc! It's like watching your day all over again! And of course, you will get the highlight sequence too!
For more about what we do, have a wander around the site.
                    Speak soon!
Here's a little about Rachel Cushing Wedding Videography...

So there's me, Rachel, and there are two things I absolutely love - filming and weddings! So it only seemed natural to film weddings! My BA Hons degree in Film & Media Studies helps with the filming side and my passion for weddings and my understanding of how important every detail of the day is helps with the rest!

Then there's my dad. He's been editing for years (we have the best family videos you've ever seen!) and is great with the camera and is an unbelievable perfectionist!

The family relationship within our company means that we work together perfectly and seamlessly to help produce the best possible film for you.

Still not sure? No worries! It's a big decision! Why not explore our site some more? There's highlights to watch, testimonials to read, pleasing pricing to get excited about and if that's still not enough, drop us an email and we can have good ol' chat!