Ok, so weddings are expensive! But what could be more important than capturing your day so you can relive it over and over again and really get your money's worth?!
Still, to soften the blow, here's a nice, easy, affordable package for you...

  • Three HD cameras
  • Two camera operators
  • Full day filming from bridal preparations to evening disco
  • Beautifully presented DVDs/Blu-Rays in keepsake boxes for you and your family
  • Only £1700!

And we mean full day filming, too! Unlike other more expensive companies, we film the big bits - ceremony, speeches, first dance - and the little bits - the laughter, the fun, the tears of joy, the groomsmen flirting with the bridesmaids... and put it all together in a film unique to you that showcases your entire day (other companies will just give you the highlights and then the main bits, but we give you so much more; we're nice like that!) You even get to title your highlights clip!

What more could you want?!

Well, if there is anything, scribble it down in an email to us and we can chat about how to make it perfect for you!
It is, after all, your special day...